i have arrived

dear god. flying to germany isn’t so great. i’m nauseous, tired, and have no idea what day or time it is. other than that, things are great. the frankfurt airport is huge and confusing. apparently there is a mall in it. i don’t know, these are just things i hear.

off to shower the flights off of me a then a small nap.


5 thoughts on “i have arrived

  1. Mary McNaughton says:

    Glad to hear you are there safe and sound. I am looking forward to your next post and update. Be safe!

  2. Dawn pate says:

    I Becca, we are very excited to hear about your adventure! Be safe and enjoy!!

  3. sam rector says:

    I will be looking at your trip activities to follow the experience of your journey around the world.

  4. Gurl, where is your final destination? You HAVE HAVE HAVE to get a Turkish Doenner Kebab. OMG, I would pay $100 for one right now. They just don’t make ’em the same over here.

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