Jet lag sucks

Man, I think I could sleep all day without being wide awake at night. No, this is not a good thing.

Coral and I adventured out in Wiesbaden only to not find any of the destinations we wanted. Turns out we just needed to go one block further. I just would like to point out that at no point were we lost. This, if you know either of us, is terribly impressive. So, after a nap or two, we went back out and found the train station, an ATM, and the mall. When I say mall, I mean small circular building with tiny shops and modern decor. On the plus side, there was an H&M. On a very big plus side, I SPENT NO MONEY AT THE MALL. I think my mom will be proud.

Back at the apartment now to make some dinner, drink so German Merlot (i hope this goes well), and watch a movie. Tomorrow will either consist of Belgium or Munich. We’ll see…


One thought on “Jet lag sucks

  1. Nudey Dudey says:

    Becca…I too am effing tired. But I cannot sleep because I am dumb and dyeing my hair. I know…learn lessons. But I can’t, it’s called OCD. I love you. And I Miss you

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