315 stairs and a castle later…

Coral and I went to Heidelberg today. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, there is no proof because we turned on each of our cameras to find both of them out of batteries. How did this happen? So, we’re all charged up and ready for Munich and Oktoberfest tomorrow. Yahoo!

The town was gorgeous and full of great apple pastries. I’ve had two today, and 4 in the past 2 days. Oh…my…god. I cannot get enough. Thanks to my fast metabolism, I don’t need to be worried about my consumption. Well, that and we walk A LOT and do so absolutely everywhere. Heidelberg Castle was amazing and beautiful. We couldn’t tour much of it, but what we saw was amazing. Outside is spectacular. We had to climb 315 stairs to get to it, which was well worth it after the view from atop. I told Coral I’d go back this week after she leaves and take lots of pictures. Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “315 stairs and a castle later…

  1. Aunt Robin & Uncle Rob says:

    We’ve been keeping tabs on you .Sounds like you’re starting to have fun !! Uncle Rob says you didn’t need to go half way around the world to find a good man , just go to the McNaughton family reunion ! ( I think he’s been brainwashed !!)

  2. Aunt Robin & Uncle Rob says:

    Sounds like you’re starting to enjoy your travels !! Uncle Rob asked me to tell you that you didn’t have to go half way around the world to find a good man…….just go to the McNaughton reunion ……….I think he’s brainwashed !!

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