Munchen (Munich)

Munich was great. Coral and I went for Oktoberfest, but arrived a day two early. Hoping to not waste a grand total of 8 hours on a train, we decided to walk around the town and sightsee as well as check out the festival location. Tons of people where there taking pictures of the festival setup. You could really get a feel for how huge it was. It wasn’t at all what I expected. The space was HUGE. I’ve never seen anything like it. Puyallup  pales in comparison.

Every city seems to have the same shops in their downtown area. I’m sick of looking at expensive shoes and trendy clothes. The buildings, however, are great to look at. They are so old and have a lot of detail. I’ve yet to become bored with any of that.

if you have facebook, here is the link to my album. i haven’t uploaded to shutterfly yet.


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