WineFest ’09

What a shit-show. I know of no other way to describe it. I though WineFest would be some really posh and picturesque event. What we entered was Oktoberfest for wine. Carnival and everything. I ate a bratwurst hotdog that was composed of two almost foot long dogs placed inside of a grilled baguette. So good. What was not delightful was learning that mustard and ketchup aren’t the same was my M&K in the USA. However, I still ate the entire thing. I think I had enough cotton candy to fill my daily caloric intake. It was so good and cheap.

Now onto the wine… Everyone who knows me knows I partake in the red wines. Merlots, CabSauvs, or just a table red. WineFest was all about the Rieslings, misc whites, and blushes. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t painful to drink or anything. It was just different than my expectation. We were able to find two ‘red’ wines, but not quite the same thing. Still good though.

We met quite a few different people hanging out at our spot. One dude was very annoying and so a diversion was created so that he would leave us along. Great success. Brianna met an older german couple who laughed at us for having such small drinking glasses. Ouch, what a burn! Then we met a group of about 4 guys and one girl, Tina. They were awesome! We spent the rest of the night hanging out will them and having a grand ol’ time. By 11:30pm we decided that we should make our way to the train. We’d missed the 10pm exit so a midnight train was the goal. No need to go into the details but finally got home at 4am. It was a long trip of switching trains, getting separated, missing trains, and taking taxi cabs. Wow. All-in-all, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself. Crazy times though. Crazy times.


One thought on “WineFest ’09

  1. Mary McNaughton says:

    White reislings…i can’t wait to go there. Did you think of me…you know I enjoy Reislings the best! Miss you but am happy to hear you are enjoying yourself.

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