Heidelberg and Ze Castle

I forgot to post about my trip to Heidelberg! Oops.

I started the day with my Marmot (rainjacket) on. It was terrible overcast and the ground had been rained on sometime early morning. By the time I got to Heidelberg I was sweating like a pig. It was GROSS. The sun was shining and you could feel the heat surrounding you. Great when you’re dressed for it. Not I. The train ride went awry somehow and my 1.5 hour trip took 4 hours. I was so frustrated. I think if I didn’t get off on the right stop by the time I did I would have walked back to Wiesbaden. Man, I gotta work on that patience thing.

I skipped the downtown area and focused on Old Downtown near the castle. I took a ton of pictures, which are on my Shutterfly share page. (See my previous posts for the link and password.) I was walking past all the stores and taking pictures when a sign for Birkenstocks caught my eye. Let me start by saying that I’m allowing myself to spend a good amount of money on 4 things: a haircut (and color?) in france, italian leather boots in Italy, a winter jacket from where ever I am when i discover i finally need one, and A PAIR OF BIRKS in Germany. I’d heard that Birks were about 35 USD over here. Someone LIED. The ugly ones are 35 Euro. One USD gives you .66 euro. Do the math. Not a good time to live in Europe for two months. I digress… So I see this store and walk in. I see the cutest damn pair I’ve ever seen. Oh man. The older, well-dressed and friendly store owner starts talking to me in German. I look at her with sorry eyes and say my line, “sprechen sie english.” Hell yes, she totally did! Really well, too, which is not as common in older generations. So, she sits there and has me try on three different pairs and walk around the store for her to make sure I get the right ones. She was great. I bought these: http://www.birkenstockusa.com/products/women/sandals/rio/black-nubuck/3195. I got them for about 62 USD, which is more than I thought they’d be, but far less than they actually are.

From there I made my way up the 315 steps (again) and walked every-which-way around the castle grounds. There was a cute, young couple taking their wedding pictures. What a perfect day and place to do so. The bride’s dress was so beautiful and very expensive looking. They had a pug tied to the railing that i made friends with. It was sooooo cute. I explored the areas Coral and I hadn’t seen, which were pretty awesome. I’m glad i came back! Perhaps I made it to an area I shouldn’t have, but that has yet to be determined since I didn’t get caught. There really is no way of knowing… It was so hot that I had to take of the knit hat-thing I was wearing and clip my hair up, take off my shoes and socks, as well as fan myself. Those Birks came in handy. Then they gave me some nice blisters on the bottom of my feet. So, after all the effort of buying the shoes I either have to break them in or realize i got a half size too small.

Mom, you may be gifted some authentic, German Birks! Just what you wanted, right?!


3 thoughts on “Heidelberg and Ze Castle

  1. Nudey Dudey says:

    one. give me the birks bigfoot. i want them real bad. and I am a poor college student.
    two. make friends with people not pugs.
    three. stop sweating so much, invest in one of those cool fans
    four. i love you and think you are so awesome for doing this. even if it is making you weird 😀

  2. Nudey Dudey says:

    You are just realizing this?…

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