I didn’t do an update about Mainz, which I went to before Heidelberg. Nothing too memorable. It was a beautiful town with lots of great statues. The whole town was color coordinated. Really cute.

Now, the journey home is worth posting about. Waiting on the platform for my train to arrive, this dude with headphones and baggy clothes passes by me. He notices my Rosie tattoo and walks over to me speaking in German. I feel so embarrassed and terrible having to say this so much. “Sprechen sie English?” Basically, I was saying that Rosie was familiar and he knew her from commercials. I think he meant advertisements. I said it kinda stands for female empowerment. Side Bar: when I was at WineFest, this guy asked me if I was a socialist because of my Rosie tattoo and its placement on my left arm. End Side Bar. He was so excited, “Like Girl Power, right!” Uh-huh. Train comes, i get on and take a seat noticing that he was in the back of the same car.

It ain’t over, folks. I have my earbuds in listening to my wicked awesome playlist and who comes to sit down across from me but my little Girl Power friend. He says, “Have you ever seen Jesus in a Bottle?” I took the buds out and said, “What?” He repeated. I said no and awkwardly laughed. He pulls out a little tiny bottle with Jesus and the crucifixion displayed inside. You know, just like a tiny little ship in a bottle. I laughed and told him that was a good one, then awkwardly put my earbuds back in and looked out the window. He left less than a minute later. Weird, man. Just weird.


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