The Music Museum

I decided to get on the train today and head back to Rüdesheim to finish off the music museum tour. It was pretty damn cool, too. My favorite part was at the end of the tour when everyone enters the gift shop. I found two post cards I wanted to buy. I brought them to the counter and said Hallo. This dude, who looked just like John Harkness from school, says, “You are from Germany!” Dude was so excited, but I said I wasn’t. “Oh, where are you from then!?” The United States, I said. “Oh which one!?” Washington state.  “Oh, Washington, D.C.” Fuck no. I don’t understand why anyone (and apparently everyone in Europe thus far) has though D.C. is a state. West coast, sir. West coast. Still, I was super excited he thought I was German. Too bad I can’t follow through. The disappointment must have been too hard to handle… I left quickly after.


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