Köln with Meghan

We went to Köln on October 1st. It was super sweet! Get off the train, check out a HUGE ASS cathedral. It took over two centuries to finish. Now that is some dedication. Everything had such amazing detail. I’m not the kind of person who can do something like that. Can you imagine planning something that you’ll never see finished in your lifetime? Their grandchildren wouldn’t even see it finished.

We also went to a museum. It had tons of really amazing things. Roman times old, my friends. That’s reeeealllll old. It amused me a little seeing the pottery. My last quarter of college I took an Anthro class that called for either a final paper or final project. I chose to do a project on pottery from one of the earliest known Native American periods. I was so disappointed at how shitty everything turned out. However, looking at the pottery in the museum, mine appeared to be right on par! Sweet. I’d be a great Roman.

We decided to get some din-din at a restaurant in Köln. Crossing our fingers that we’d get a place with a menu partially understandable. We sit down, order, and hear a Britney Spears song playing. That was followed by Phil Collins and Michael Bolton. Seriously. I felt very let down. At least my merlot was good. I tried herring for the first (and last) time. Nasty, nasty. The potatoes were to die for.


One thought on “Köln with Meghan

  1. Mansionmogul says:

    Germans KNOW potatoes. So good. They also love American music and “mtv europe”. When I was there I think I heard “What’s Luv?” about a bajillion times.

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