• What were we thinking? Over 40lbs on our backs. Traveling for a month and a half like this. Crazy girls are we. 
  • Coming out of Munchen HBF are two 14yo guys who point and say something to Megs as they pass by. May or may not have been making fun of her. I need to speak German
  • At a bar/restaurant Megs and I pulled out our Phase 10 playing cards. “NO CARDS!” was yelled at us. Apparently, it’s illegal to play cards in any bar or restaurant. 
  • Augustina, or however you spell it, tastes like budlight. Later, I will offend many-a-german/australian/englander/etc. with this comment. Whatever, i stand by what i said.
  • At a restaurant/bar we met Andreanne and Marianne. Both great girls. Turns out A is in our hostel room. Sweet. We drank beer and wine and had a grand ol’ time. So much for a 9pm bedtime. A has been traveling for a year and will be spending the next year traveling through Australia. She bartends when she needs cash. It’s amazing, but makes me feel like i have a small beans vaca compared to her grand adventure. She also has packing down to a science. MUST LEARN THIS ART! Turns out you have to get rid of the attachments you feel about ‘your’ stuff, because it’s really only stuff. marianne’s from toronto and has been traveling for quite a while too. she seems like she’s made a lot of fun for herself. quite amazing that she’s been traveling by herself. they’re so nonchalant about it all. 

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