Facts Learned on the Munich City Tour:

  • if you say the tourguide’s favorite beers tastes like budlight he will put you in a headlock and give you a noogie. 
  • during WW2, the catholic church told the jewish synagogue that they’d house all their artifacts and important possessions for safe keeping. hilter did not like this. he sent 3000 priests to concentration camps, with less that half surviving. because of this, the jewish synagogue helped rebuild the catholic church that was destroyed. so now, in the ceiling of the catholic church there is a tile with a menorah symbolizing the bond shared. pretty cool!
  • there are two lion statues, one facing the church with a closed mouth and the other facing the state building with an open mouth. this was to signify the people’s need to speak out against he government, but not the church. interesting that this was even before Hilter. hmmmmm….

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