Zermatt, Switzerland

For future reference… eurail passes don’t work on the train that takes you to Zermatt. It’ll be a cool  17.50 Euro extra, folks. that’s only one way. you gotta pay that much to get out, too. YIKES!

Other than that, Zermatt is pretty awesome. et off the train and this guy with is son on a bike says hello an asks if he can help us find something. we told him about the hostel and that we have directions. he says that he can take us half way there because it’s on his way. to reassure us, he tells directions again. really sweet. turned out he was from Lausanne, the place we were just at! we laughed about how he immediately spoke english to us. what, we don’t look like locals with 40lb bags and our crazy cool shoes? later the next day we saw him and his son again. Hello and Hello!

settle into the hostel. you can tell it’s for young ski-bums. still super cute and warm! also has free internet on an ancient computer. no complaints. we see a funny sign in the room that talks about souvenirs. I asked what a “Slip Back” is. Turns out it’s a slip “BLACK” which is a black thong, like the underwear. Awkward moment. 

Megs and I were a little hungry, so we walked down the street to a cutre restaurant. Very empty, but 8 swissfranc soup — so cheap for Switzerland. Chips, bread, soup, beer, and water. We were happy backpackers. Glad we came, even if it was terribly expensive.

By the way, Radio Swiss Pop is ridiculous. Worst american music ever.

The short time we were able to stay, it was beautiful and crisp. The Matterhorn is huge and very prominent.  The only hazard we encountered were all the electric taxis and trucks. cars aren’t allowed in zermatt. they are silent but deadly. much like a fart. 

On the train ride from Zermatt to Visp, the mountains are so high that there is barely any sky to see. The valleys fall so low that you can’t see the bottom from off the cliff’s edge we’re riding along. it’s as if you’re exactly in the middle.


One thought on “Zermatt, Switzerland

  1. Peggy Mauge says:

    Sounds like you are having the time of your life! This will be something that you won’t forget, until you get my age, just kiddding. Have a fun and safe trip. Love reading your comments.
    God Bless you!

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