Recap of Roma

Rae was such a great person to stay with and such an amazing tour guide. Art history major, how did we get so lucky? She had lots of tidbits for everything we saw. For example: the building we stayed at was built on top of the exact spot Julius Caesar was killed. How cool is that? Saw the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Coliseum, countless piazzas, Trevi Fountain, plus countless ruins. Vatican City was crazy huge. I can’t even name all the places we went to. The farthest walk was 20 minutes away in any direction. I had no idea everything was so close and integrated into the city. Quite interesting. The apartment Rae let us stay in was for professors who come to the UW Rome Center to teach. It was vacant for our stay. Yahoo for us! It was huge, beautiful, balcony, terrace, fully furnished, amazing views.

Rome’s so alive at night for all age groups. Don’t kids go to school? I can’t believe how dressed up everyone was at all times. Especially women aged 40-60. I don’t mean I can’t believe they dressed up. I mean that they were the MOST dressed up people on the street. 4-5 inch heels, fully adorned with jewelry, designer clothes, boobs up to their eyeballs, newest and biggest bags, etc.


Liesha, Rae’s roommate was so sweet, too. She hung out with us as much as she could. We all connected really well. After we’d left, Meghan told me that Liesha had mentioned a few names of people who she was friends with at Western. Wouldn’t ya know that one of them is my ex-boyfriend’s “She’s not my girlfriend” girlfriend (why are guys so weird about being honest? It doesn’t offend anyone). This world is far too small for comfort. On a better note, good friends are hard to come buy but really do prove themselves quite often. Meghan is truly one of those people.

Rae took us out to great eateries that were cheaply priced, especially in comparison to where we were, how much food was served, and how good it all was. DE-lish. I’m talkin’ 5-course Chinese dinner for 8.80. Hells yes.



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