We went out last night to the bars. One was called DNA. How do you explain that? Anywho, we left after 10pm and didn’t get home until after 4am. To be honest, I could have stayed out longer. We were having so much fun. Originally, I didn’t think I’d want to drink anything or even dance. That quickly changed. Megs and I had so much fun meeting people and joking with each other. Drink after drink, and dance after dance, I got the idea that dancing on the bar was an amazing idea. There were already a few people up dancing, but I thought my contribution would be the best. I’ve never ever ever done that before. First time for everything, right? It was fun. Funny pictures too. Ha! I also took it upon myself to meet Hot DJ Rob. He was….duh, the DJ. I got to go into the dj booth and we talked a bit. He asked how old I was. Then I asked him. Turns out Hot DJ Rob was 21 years old. Oh man, was I over that one quickly. See ya. The next day, I woke up assuming it was around noon. Nope, it was 5pm! We were supposed to have gone snorkeling that day was Nicole. Didn’t happen. Good news is it rained all morning so it wouldn’t have really worked out anyways. For breakfast we went out and got Doner Kebabs. I think that makes up for everything.


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