I’m so terribly sick of hearing “You are kingly requested” to do anything by Anek lines. Barf.


Anek ferry recap: we couldn’t even sleep in the Pullman seating area that we paid for. The room is clearly labeled non0smoking, however, curtains partitioned an area off within this room where hoards of people were allowed to smoke. You can imagine how good curtains are and keeping in cigarette smoke. Yeah, not good at all. So, to keep an asthma attack at bay, we opted to look for sleeping elsewhere. Elsewhere ended up being a landing/lobby of the boat behind some potted plants and next to a mother and her son. I don’t know how to explain this. It smelt like terrible feet. Terrible, terrible, terrible rancid feet. I’m not sure if I even slept an hour. But, hey, at least we escaped the smoke. Or not, I got up after the sweet little mother smoked her 3rd (out of six) morning cigarettes. 5:30 am wake up call of half an hour of concentrated smoking. Yummy!

Quote of the Trip

Meghan: Oh, we’re still in Greece. There are homeless dogs.


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