Austria is amazing and makes up for all the terrible Greece crap (literally and figuratively). And into a market. So good smelling and absolutely beautiful. We bought lunch for 4.50 Euro each. Kaiser roll with onion, tomato, lettuce, yellow pepper, and some type of soft, white cheese.  Everything fresh as can be. Plus, I had a veggie Knodel. Tasted just like Thanksgiving stuffing to me. I’m in love.


We walked all around Salzburg. It was great, especially having taken our first shower in over three days. I realized I hadn’t even showered since we’d gone swimming in the ocean in Greece. No wonder I was so itchy. Oh, found out it’s Thursday today. Wonderful. Megs and I bought winter jackets at an H&M. I love mine. Long, black, belted. So happy and warm! We also went to a really cool restaurant for dinner and had such good soup and salads and dessert. It turns into a jazz club at night. Our waiter hoped to see us at the show later. I feel a little bad, but we didn’t end up going back because we are old and were tired by 10pm. Whoops. Another lost love connection. J


At the hostel, we were getting ready to watch their daily playing of the Sound of Music. We sat at a table where a girl was sitting, using her computer. We started talking about the movie with some girls across the way and eventually got around to asking where everyone was from. We said Bellingham. The girl at our table said that she was from Bellingham! Her name was Brenna and she lived about two blocks from Meghan.  Small world!


I had a thought about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year with my friends in Bellingham. Here’s the plan. Vanilla and chocolate (no chocolate for me, though) pudding parfaits with fresh berries, homemade whipped cream, and graham cracker crumbs. Watch John Cusack movies at Meghan and Brittany’s house. It’s going to be grand.


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