Sound of Music Tour was awesome. Tour Guide Peter was hilarious. Austrians don’t really like the movie at all. It only came out here 11 years ago and lasted about three and a half weeks in the theaters. Peter said that Meghan looked like a grown-up Gretel. We had a great laugh about that one. I’ll never be able to remember everything we learned, but it was most definitely worth the steep 33 euro price.


Overall, we had such a great time in Salzburg. It was beautiful with so much to see and do. Although we didn’t pay to go into any museums or any of the numerous Mozart-related places, I feel like we saw and experience a lot. Plus, we found a store with crazy fur vests for Mr. Smiley. Yahoo! I miss that guy. I loved Salzburg and would really enjoy coming back to Austria. The Eagle’s Nest would be incredible to see.


Later on our way from Austria to Germany…

On the train from Munchen to Frankfurt HBF we didn’t have a seat reservation booked. This means you sit on the floor somewhere and wait until people get off and seats open up. We sat in the hall by a bathroom, which isn’t as bad as you’d think. This little girl goes into the bathroom. She seems like the coolest kid ever. Except she might be a runaway later down the road. Her dad had to ask if we’d seen a little girl. Yes, Dad, she’s in the bathroom, but you should BEWARE of her teenage rebellion later on. Too bad I don’t speak Deutsch otherwise I could’ve relayed this message to him. Anyways, Meghan and I were reading and then became very distracted. This little girl was having a freaking concert in the bathroom. Humming, singing, shouting ‘Oh! OH! OhHHH!’. We just laughed. I’m curious when going to the potty stopped being so much fun?


I almost made an ass of myself in the Frankfurt HBF McDonalds. We really wanted some fries and a shake. Some adolescent walked in front of me and knocked my wallet out of my hands. I went to pick it up, but since my backpack was so heavy, I almost toppled over myself. That was a close one.


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