I wish I were in Bellingham

With how pissed and sad we were, Meghan and I each made our own lists about what we missed about Bellingham. Here’s mine:

Little Cheerful


La Fiamma

Boulevard Park and Trail

Beatrice, my bike

Bike rides

Sunsets outside

Driving down Holly or State

Avelino with Britt and Meg

F Street

A particular bed whose comfort, I’m afraid, cannot be replicated

Tim Woods’ antics

Elisha Elisha Elisha

Pool at the Beaver with Mr. Matthew Smiley

Hanging at Kyle’s house

Doing errand with Rachel and seeing her surprised face when I know country lyrics

Seeing Steph and Eric and Rumors

24-hour grocery stores

Feeling safe outside at night

Not being far from Nicole

Tap water


Co-op lattes (w/ whole milk)

Boundary Bay French dips

Being close to Tina and hanging out with her when ever we want

Ms. Katie Haverstock and baking vegan goodies with her

Running into people you know all the time

Tree house!

Talking to Sarah about weddings and life after college

Athena and Zeus, the best dogs ever

Brittany Cardwell, and our most amazing talks about everything (research and boys and jobs)


2 thoughts on “I wish I were in Bellingham

  1. Nudey Dudey says:

    I am excited I made the list. I miss you too my dearest sister. Life isn’t the same without you. I am realizing even more over these past couple months how glad I am that we have gotten close and how much I love you

  2. Katie says:

    Oh Becca! I wish you were in Bellingham too! You missed the shenanigans that was my night out after defending my thesis. Good times. Lots of beer. I wish you had been there to celebrate with me! When you come back I will make you some cupcakes or cookies or whatever you want. I miss you! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxo

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