We tried to follow our timetable info from Wiesbaden HBF to Dunkerque. Found out it costs 58 Euro for both of us b/c of the type of train (fast trains, to be exact). I didn’t realize that to Paris Nord was a special train. Boo. The train was from Koln to Paris Nord, so we though we’d just take the route across Germany to France. However, all of a sudden the train stopped in Brussels. That’s Belgium. What the heck? Brussels is so close to Dunkerque. To Paris would be out of the way. So, we got off with crossed fingers that we’d done the right thing. Another expensive lesson learned. I bet the train would’ve been free or incredibly reduced if we only got tickets to Brussels. Shoot! The info center was helpful in informing us the closet we could get to Dunkerque that night was Lille, France. We hopped on that train, found some info in the travel book, and crossed our tiny fingers that everything would work out.


At first, we were going to stay in the station. After we found out we had 10 hours (10pm -8am) in there, we decided to find the cheapest hotel. No hostels were listed in my Europe guide and we couldn’t find any maps with related information. Hotel wise, we did okay. 37 Euro, which we split. The dude shorted us 1.50 Euro in change, but I didn’t care enough to argue. Our room was so nasty. We slept atop the sheets in our sleep sacks. Bugs were flying around, too, so both of us opted to cave ourselves in our sleep sacks. Made for an interesting night, especially since we both woke up regularly the entire night expecting someone to be hovering over us. It looked like the kind of room people reguarlily OD in. There was a tv we used to figure our the time so we could set our alarm. Wasn’t until now, at the gare (train station) that we discovered we set our clock an hour fast. C’est la vie. I hope we figure out a way to let Katie know we’re arriving in Dunkerque this AM. Uh-oh! At least we played a stellar game of ‘Would You Rather’. Breakfast options were very limited at 6am on a Sunday in France. I opted for the 2 euro double pack of white chocolate twix and the peanut butter we’d bought earlier in the trip. I was really hoping Katie would have oatmeal, or cornflakes, or just a gallon of water.


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