So far in Dunkerque, angry teenagers in a tiny car have yelled us at that we were ugly. I’m not sure how we offended them since we were just trying to take a picture of a statue and were completely out of their way. At the Carrefour (grocery store), Meghan and I were standing behind Katie in a line while she was signing up for a rewards card. Some dude, out of nowhere, walks behind me a oinks like a pig in my ear. I don’t get it. What does that mean? Still, I do really like Dunkerque.


Yesterday, we arrived in Dunkerque after a challenging evening and short AM train ride. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to let Katie know exactly what was going on. I was so frustrated and upset and tire and hungry. I knew that was unfair to Meghan, so I took a walk in search of a computer with internet access. I got very lost, which made me break into bursts of very frustrated tears. Found my way back to the station with news of no success. Duh, it was Sunday! Nothing is open. Megs went out in search of food, internet, and to just get out of the station. Success!

Little did we know, 20 steps ouside the station was a café/bar that was open and had an English-speaking owner and a computer we could use for free if we bought a coffee. Yahoo! We got Katie’s cell number from our email. We’d just have to wait for a store to open in the afternoon to buy a calling card in order to use the pay phones. Oh, wait. Awesome bartender man let us use his “portable”. Tahoo! Katie was there in about 5 minutes. We’d finished our coffee and beers. A little after 12pm, it was. Haha. The bartender is now our Facebook friend. The old, hairless, toothless (yes, all of them) man at the bar was having a good time with us. We were a little terrified of him. Especially after kissing Katie’s cheek and following us for the entire bus ride home.


At Katie’s cute and very large apartment we got settled in, showered, and then walked to a white sandy beach. Found food along the boardwalk, then, of course, had some ice cream. We walked some more on the beach, taking super cute pictures. Lots of jellyfish. One kind in particular looked exactly like Captain Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean. From there, we went to the movie theater to see a movie. We picked a kiddie movie (en Francais) about flying meatballs. Wait, let me rephrase this. Katie and Meghan paid 7 euro each to watch the movie. I paid 7 euro to fall asleep before the movie even began.


Katie teaches English in Lycee, which is comparable to high school. It’s super cute when we walk around and she runs into students. They say, “Hello Kaa-teee, how are you today?” The boys blush, letting their crushes on her show. Too funny.



To Note in France:

McDonalds is called the MacDo, and it is very popular in France. Unfortunately, by some error in judgment, they do not serve milkshakes. Worst decision ever.


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