Happy birthday Bob and Aunt Robin!!!! Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Capital L-O-V-E. We spent the entire day, minus one excursion tot wasn’t long before we got ready for Halloween and popped open one of the bottles of  Red. The French, as a whole, aren’t so much for our pagan holiday. I don’t know why not? They have Carnival for heaven’s sake! Still, Boris had planned a big dinner as party to last through until the wee mornin’ hours. It was incredible! The drinks were flowing, music a-going, and wigs paired with various masks making their way around.  About 20-ish people were there. Dinner was traditional Raclattte and fondue. Fondue, however, didn’t quite make it to the party. It was a little (a lot) messed up. Oh well. It was a great laugh. Rumor has it, our costumes were a complete hit. Booyah! Katie, Meghan and I were dressed up from the neck up. Wigs (green for me, red for Katie, and blue for Meghan) with white plastic headbands that we’d glued white feathers to, and the most intense, blinged out fake eyelashes the world has ever seen. Getting reading was just a challenge due to the amount of laughter.


In case you were curious, most everyone spoke French all night long. Some of the guys spoke English, and a few girls knew a little. It wasn’t a big deal at all. Everyone was having a great time.  It was really refreshing to hear something different and not have to rely on awkward filler conversations. Laugh, dance, enjoy your drink, and go with it.


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