Woke up so early. We were all tired ladies. Still, made it to Gare de Paris Nord, locked up our bags, and went out to see some more of Paris. Shoot, man. We had to get as much in as we could! First stop was La Tour d’Eiffel, then Basilique du Sacre Coeur, and finally Montmarte. All of it was so great. The Eiffel Tour is one big f’r. Not kidding. And it’s brown. Weird. After all that we had too book it to get some food at a cute, classy establishment. Best service we’ve gotten in all of Europe. Loved it. Then we sped walked to the gare to catch our train back to Dunkerque. I read for 10 minutes of the ride, peed, read for 5 minutes, then went into a coma. That was the quickest ride of my life.


Food in France

It’s been so much un having meals together. We all go to the kitchen and hang out while food is put together. We eat, always toasting first to something. Everything is French and healthy. Katie and Meghan are so good at cooking. I can’t wait to go home, get a place, and start working on my skills at the stove.


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