I woke up at 11am. Went downstairs and saw the aftermath of H-Ween ’09. Started cleaning with the help of Matthew and Katie as they woke up and made their way to the disaster area.  Megs was a lil’ worse for the wear with her 2nd worst hangover ever. We got her up and out the door by 2:30pm. Hey, that’s pretty good if you ask me! We three ladies went to make use of the 1st Sunday of the month free admissions as well as the last day of our 3-day metro passes. Heading to the metro from Bobo’s we got a little ‘turned around’ and ended up drenched from the torrential downpour. Whatever, man, we’re in PARIS!  ***Note, if you’re staying with friends, don’t get a 3-day pass. Get a booklet of 10 and split it. Very underused.


We hit up the Louvre and focused on Greek and Egyptian art sections. I’ve wanted to do this since 7th grade. I just about peed my pants geeking out to Hammurabi’s Code. It did not disappoint. Shit, the building itself, both inside and out, was phenomenal on its own. At 6pm, when the Louvre closes, we took the Metro to L’Arc de Triumphe and Champs-Elysees. We walked up the 200 spiraled steps (if you get car sick, bring a doggy bag) to the top of L’Arc. Breathtaking. You just have to see if for yourself, especially because my camera battery had died before even entering the Louvre.


After this, we’d had enough rain and decided to get back to Bobo’s for dinner. I’m not sure how we did this, but we made wayyyyy to much food for the 6 of us that night. Noodles. They are so tricky!


With full bellies, we made our way upstairs to watch the Tim Burton movie Coraline. Don’t worry; I fell asleep through that too. At least I stayed awake fro over half of it. That half, I can honestly say, I enjoyed.



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