I can ‘run’ three blocks. Is that enough to complete a half marathon?

Runners. Look at you with your shorts and flashy shoes, heart monitoring Nike watches, fantastical super sporty shirts, and various amounts of iPod contraptions to ease your listening abilities. You suck.

Clearly, I’m more than a little jealous. I can swim. I can bike. I can fast-walk. I can sit on a couch. I cannot run. I’ve dated marathoners, have friends who do triathlons, and just generally know people who LOVE running. “I feel terrible if I don’t run XX times a week,” they say. Really? Weird, because I sure a shit don’t! I just eat ice cream and feel fabulous about myself, so why can’t you do the same and spare me the ever-increasing amounts of f’n guilt?! Well, I give in. I’ve been giving in, just not showing it all too well.

Over the summer, I met my sister Andrea, who ran from Greenlake, at the nearby Gelato shop. I was inspired to do the very same. I dressed up in the various amounts of running gear I’d acquired over my years of intermittent attempts at running, ‘warmed up’ by walking ‘incline’ from my place to the main, flat street, then took off… and promptly gave up after a good 3-block jog. I walked, in shame and self-loathing, the rest of the way to the Fainting Goat. And, no, I did NOT reward my epic fail. Inspiration: gone.

With all this being said, for me, running is much more of a mental roadblock than a physical inability. As I sit, contemplating my future, it strikes me as very odd that I choose to let running be such a big deal. Really? This? I want to conquer this bitch before I start my next big life transition. My lungs deserve it. My circulatory system deserves it. And, most of all, my willpower deserves some attention and a huge boost. Do you hear that brain!?

To date, I am signed up for the following events:

Chilly Hilly, Feb

Mercer Island 5K, March

Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon, June

Seattle to Portland (STP), July

ALS DoubleDay Bike Ride Fundraiser, July

Stay tuned for (cross those fingers!) p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s…


4 thoughts on “I can ‘run’ three blocks. Is that enough to complete a half marathon?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Um, it seems as if I could I have written this myself. And if I lived in Seattle, we could be the worst running partners ever. I am so proud of you that you are running a marathon… or 6 events.

  2. Rachel says:

    Girl, I am so proud! Say HI to the fam when you are doing the Chilly Hilly! My mom used to have a cinnamon roll stand along the route, but not anymore. Rats. You could have rewarded yourself!
    Anyways, YOU ARE SO DARN WITTY. I love it. Miss you, but I am DEF supporting you from afar! 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    yes yes yes girl! i wish i could be there with you doing this!

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