November 30th will go down in history as the first run of my dedicated runner life…

In true Becca Roy form and style, I did not hesitate to jump in. Did you catch that lie? I’ve been hesitating to run my entire life, sillypants. Nonetheless, I signed up for a half marathon on the 29th and brought my running clothes and Marmot (rain jacket) into work the very next day for Running Club.

It was a downpour, of course. That did not stop me…mostly because if rain stopped my running, then I’d never accomplish anything. And now I can’t use that excuse because you would probably berate me. Damnit.

So, Patti and I got our gear on and headed out to the Burke-Gilman trail for some good ol’ fashioned, slowly-paced jogging (with a silent ‘J’, please). Pats has a rockstar past of half marathons, but then she got married and had a baby. 4 years later, she feels there are some things to be desired in her life, such as exercise. Imagine the two of us…running… Me: 24-year-old twig who can’t make it three blocks. Patti: mommy dearest who’s dressed for the part but appears very out of breath very early on. We hoofed it out to a point, then Pats declared a turnaround. We were drenched, my legs were tomato red, but I didn’t need to stop and I felt goooood. Did I mention our very slow pace? I think that was key. I told Patti that I didn’t want to know time or distance this early on, so she kindly kept that to herself. What a gal!

Lessons I learned on my run….

1. When it is raining, bring an extra pair of underwear (or don’t wear underwear), because it feels weird to have wet panties on with your work pants.

2. Pace is key to not quitting on the first day.

3. Bring a lot of food for lunch. This running business, no matter how short a run it is, seems to create increased hunger. Who knew?!

I was warned that it is of utmost importance to not get an injury while training. However, someone should have told me that this applied to talking to my mom on the phone while pushing myself and my bike, Besty, through a very heavy door. Turns out that causes the mammoth door to close on the bike, which digs the pedal into the top of my bare-skinned foot, leaving a gaping, bloody mess and torn chunks of skin. I probably should have gotten stitches or steri-strips. Instead, I bled all the way home and through multiple dressings. My foot is super sore, hurts to be on, is producing a monster bruise, and can’t have anything touching it. I had planned to run TR this week and then get on the MWF bandwagon next. This should be interesting.

Stay tuned…


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