I am clearly not a good judge of distance.

Today began my first week of MWF running. I’m 1/3:1/3, which is a 100 %, mind you. Did I do that math correctly?

I took the BG trail yet again because I’m a creature of habit (and because it doesn’t have an incline unlike any other road I’d have to take). I started running too fast and had to start walking after about 7 solid minutes. Plus, the adorable couple plus baby in front of me were too hard on my eyes. They were much faster and in better shape and older and hotter than me, so I clearly didn’t want to follow behind them like the creep I would have been. I got off the path for a bit and joined back up to the GB just as they were turning their cute lil’ family around. Hot Mom smiled at me, but it may have been more of a you-are-too-skinny-to-be-huffing-so-hard smile. Or it could have just been a friendly smile. I guess it all depends on how close to death I felt that moment. So, 7 minutes running then 3 minutes walking all the way from AdReady to where the BG falls under I-5. It went okay, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it back. The negative head-talking started. Then, oddly enough, I started imagining myself running the half. I picture myself about 5 miles in, thinking, “What the fuck did I do this for? I feel terrible I want to quit!” Then I’d pass my family and friends who were cheering from the side and feel emotional about them being there for me. Of course the waterworks would start. I snapped back to reality and started tearing up. I quickly stopped because I was getting way too ahead of myself. Yeeeesh, Becca.

So, I made it to the bridge and I stretched. I saw two bikers that I recognized through a guy I was seeing for a bit and realized this blonde hairdo is an amazing disguise! I turned around, and walked the block or so to 4th. From there, I ran THE ENTIRE WAY BACK TO ADREADY, doing so at an exceedingly slow pace, I assume. It felt good until I got really close to work (read: being done!), then I felt like my breathing got fucked up, and I starting feeling the run. This is something I most definitely need to work on – staying in ‘the zone’. Good thing I bought some running books. I anxiously await their arrival.

I know I said I didn’t want to know my mileage or time, but, apparently, I need it to document progress and figure out my pace. My guess was that I went about 2ish miles. I started a mapmyrun account and, well, mapped my run. I RAN 4.49 MILES! Are you joking me? No, I am not. I did that. To make it even better, half of it was nonstop. I was flabbergasted and thrilled and red faced and starting to finally sweat. Good to the first couple an gross to the last couple. I think I looked at my time wrong, but I guesstimate that I was out of the office for about 35-45 min. To be conservative, that’s about a 10 min mile pace. For me, as out of shape and unconditioned to running as I am, I felt that was not bad at all.

Let’s see if this Becca can (continue to) run, shall we?


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