Shoes, neon orange, shoes, and friend plus dog.

Wednesday run day: GREAT SUCCESS!

Went out for an early bday lunch with FinAdmin (my work dept). I felt bad taking an hour to do that then another 45 min or so to run during the work day. Resigned myself to make sure to run after work. It was raining a ton all day, mind you. This doesn’t actually matter to me, but I feel it might garner some applause from a weak-minded audience. No? Okay, fine.

Off work shortly after 5. Slapped on my running attire. Hopped on Betsy (my new bikey-poo) and took off to Jock and Jill on 72nd and Greenlake. The shoes were a bday gift from my Mom, who was kind enough to not put a price limit on them. I called to tell her the Saucony’s were going to be <gulp> $104. Her response, “Oh, is that all? Okay, yeah, pass the phone and I’ll give them my card info.” Woman, if I woulda known…! There was a break in the rain for most of my ride to the store, which was very fortuitous. I basically got super pumped that I’d be trying out my new shoes and not getting them soaking wet. Alas, it started dumping the moment I had purchased and laced. Balls! I spotted a very fantastic, neon orange Saucony headband. You know, the one that covers very cold ears. Let me tell you how hot bleach-blonde hair and neon orange look together: H-O-T. Double, triple, quadruple hot. Sexytime, if you will. I would have hit on myself. (Actually, I may have, but I didn’t recognize my own reflection so that doesn’t really count.)

Chelsea drove over from house-sitting with her parent’s dog, Murphy, to join in the running fun avec moi around Greenlake. It was pitch black. Not an eerie dark, but that may just be because I have an unhealthy lack of fear about being stolen at Greenlake. I brought a light and my new self-defense skills just in case. Did I mention I had on a fierce neon orange headband? Yeah, no one effs with that. So, one look at me and Chels is proclaiming that I’m some sort of badass. I let her go on for a minute or 10, then we kicked it into high (low) gear. Our goal was to do interval (run 7, walk 3) the entire way around the lake. Didn’t exactly stick to the plan because we didn’t have reliable time-keeping devices, and it was too dark to see a watch. “But, Becca, ” you’re beginning to question. “Becca, you had a light with you. Why didn’t you use that to see the time?” To that I say, I do what I want and I wanted to NOT use the light or see a damned timer majiggy.

We talked the entire time while running at a fairly good pace, not enough to get out of breath. Murph did pretty good even though he freaks out at squirrels, must avoid other dogs at all costs, and can’t walk in a straight line to save his life. Chelsea did great, too. She and I are pretty equal – I think I might be slower and the slightest bit better conditioned right now, though it wouldn’t take her long to catch up. In total, we stopped running to walk three times. Each times seemed shorter and shorter. I felt less inclined to walk, but I know (I hope) a little better than to over do it so early in the game.

To make it full circle back to the rain, yes, it did pour the entire time. First, it felt like little bullets hitting our eyes and faces. Then, it was more like a dumping of rain upon us. We just laughed, talked and ran. What more can you do? My bike ride home wasn’t much different. It reminded me that I still need to affix my back light before it gets me into trouble. The ride also made me realize that bike riding isn’t enough anymore. My legs are used to my routine. A week of running and I’ve already noticed soreness in my quads that I haven’t had in a long time, or really ever from riding. I feel like the oldest newly 24-year-old ever.

In other news, I got home and found that my phone had become yet another dud. So, in full running and biking regalia, I drove to Northgate, went into the mall and got a new phone ordered. I saw some stares, but fuck those peons. They are just mall walkers and I’m a future half-marathon completer. If only that made me a better person… Anywho, got home a second time, finished eating, took a hot bath. I started reading The NonRunner’s Marathon Guide for Women, which, so far, I don’t recommend. This lady sounds like what I sound(ed) like about running: completely annoying and repetitive about how stupid running is. But she earned it (?) because went from couch to full marathon. I’ll try to finish it tonight, though I figure I’ll skip a good chunk of it. Next up on the running literature is Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running (recommended by a couple runner women friends of mine). I’ll let ya know how that turns out.

Peace be with you, runners.




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