It’s been a LONG week.

Work’s been busy. I needed to be at the office as much as possible, so runs were a little off. HOWEVER, I did run! I’m pretty sure I ran Sunday but, frankly, I can’t remember. See, told ya it’s been a long week! Patti and I ran on Monday after work. It was dumping rain but it felt incredible. If it were safer, I’d run in the dark ALL THE TIME. It’s beautiful, and I think far less about the distance I’ve yet to do. We ran down the same BG path that I tend to run – work to the bridge under I-5. I. Felt. Amazing. A-mazing. Did you hear that? AMAZING! I sprinted a short part when Patti needed to stop. I can barely believe it.

Wednesday run moved to Thursday. Patti and I convinced Julie to run with us, which was fantastic. We just talked and laughed and mocked. I love working with them and hanging out with them, so running with them is that much better. My right leg region was acting weird. I noticed that my calf was much tighter than usual. Then, it felt like my knee was a little off. We were pacing slow enough that I wasn’t too worried about being able to finish. We ran from the office down the BG towards Ballard, turning around at Fred Meyer/Hale’s Ales. Ended up being just a little under 4 miles.

Friday’s run was canceled due to overeating and lack of time. However, I did procure a Nike running watch, which is sure to make my life that much easier. I stayed in bed as long as possible Saturday (today). Oddly enough, I was already planning my running route whilst awakening from my slumber. I might do better to eat a little bit, run, then come back home and eat a big breakfast. Eating, sitting a little bit, then running wasn’t such a great idea. Having drank the night before, I was dehydrated. Running with a semi-full tummy and already deficient in water isn’t a good idea, trust me. I didn’t vomit, but I was thirsty and had my very first short-lived side-ache. In total, the run was 3.88 miles in 40 minutes. What I learned from the maiden voyage of the Nike watch is that I’m running too fast! My second mile was 8 min 20 sec. I can’t sustain 13.1 miles on that sort of pace. WTF! Running is going to be much more informative with Mrs. Nike on my ass.

Until we meet again…


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