Lightenin’ fast! or a smidge better than wicked slow?

I ran by myself on Monday. I try to use my alone-running time as a lesson in calming my mind and ridding myself of negative thoughts. Promote positive or clear my head completely – that’s the goal for me. It’s what I’m worst at. On this run, mind-wise, I did better (I think). I felt calmer and less prone to drifting into visions of failing at my 13.1 miles. I tried to focus on ‘the now’ instead of what it will be like running 7, 9, 12 miles later on in training. This doesn’t always work because ‘the now’ might involve over-concern about shoulder tension, if that feeling in my thigh is a soon-to-be injury or perhaps it’s just cold and I shoulda worn pants, realizing I should have used the bathroom first… you get the picture. Hey! Let’s not dwell! Moving on… My beloved Mr. Nike PacePantsShwoopyDoodle watch told me I was running a 9’31” pace. TOO FAST I say, far too fast. But I did it, and I didn’t die. Kudos. Monday run completed.

An update on the book situation: book one done and suuuuuuuuuuucked. Book two is looking more promising (read: informative). Thank you for helping me purchase said books at an extremely low cost to justify having purchased un-useful literature. Okay, okay – I got a few things from book one, such as if you are hurt or tired, then skipping a run is more important in order to recover and avoid injuries. But isn’t that a duh factor thing? The second book has lots of pointers, tips, and general do-this-or-die instructions. I’ll adhere to at least some of those.

Today, Wednesday, I ran with my co-worker, Meghan. She is a super stud on the running scene. What this means to me, my friends, is that I was nerv-ous. Turned out to be a really great run. She’s a very consistent 9-minute mile kinda gal. I warned her that I want to be much slower than that in order to sustain over long distances (you know, when I get to the point that I’m running long distances). We took off and stayed really consistent at a pace I, obviously, couldn’t determine. She said she was pretty impressed. That’s when I told her she wasn’t red in the face or struggling to talk and run, which was the exact condition that I was in. Pish-posh, she said. The run felt really, really, really good. It felt short, too, even though it was the same distance I have been going. Note to self: increase distance! At the office, I plugged in and found that our pace was a 9’14” mile. BOOYAH! Still too fast, but still a booyah for Becca.

I forgot to mention that I developed a mantra on my saturday run. Stone Way is such a bitch of a hill. I prefer to avoid it on a bike, so one could imagine that running up the thing would seem even worse to me. Incline. Slowness. Repeated self-loathing. Lack of oxygen intake. Decreasing reasons to live. You know, the usual… Anywho, I was comin’ up close to Stone and knew it was going to be not awesome. Then it came to me, my mantra: <insert fantastic, inspiring mantra here>. Yup, guess who forgot their OWN F’N MANTRA!? Me. I did. I think that might be bad, but I refuse to look into it.


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