xmas eve running is for lovers… uh, I mean sisters.

I ran the outer loop of Greenlake this morning (noon counts as morning when you wake up at 11am, okay!). And I ran it with my eldest sister Andrea. And by eldest, I don’t mean that she will be turning the big 3-0 this coming bday. No, no – I’d never mean that. What I mean is that she is older than me, and Tina, and Liz. Thus, eldest. Well, Bonni is really the eldest, but let’s assume I was referring to the Roy-Pate family blood line. Oh, do I ever get off track…

Andrea is known to run. She even does 5ks from time-to-time. She is a bear when it comes to pushing her body past physical exertion. Did I mention her body gives out on her more than anyone I know? These appear to be wholly unrelated in Andrea’s mind. But she can probably lift a car without a baby needing to be under it. This is why she is better than me. And also why I thought running with her would be fantastiche. I warned her that I’d be wearing my bright, neon orange Saucony headbandy thingy. She, via cellular phone air waves, rolled her eyes and shook her head. I could feel it.

Little bit of warm up walk. Little bit of talky-talky. Then there was running. I’m finally beginning to understand/feel my pace because I KNEW we were running too fast. Mr. NikeShooshyWooshy even confirmed this. Of course I accidentally canceled my run instead of toggling through the menu. Eff. Nikeplus.com must think I run weird – one mile here, 2.54 miles a second later. Failure. One mile in, and Andrea says she needs to take a breather. What?! A breather? I felt good, breathing well, and not too tense. The dull ache in my right ankle was going away. (I don’t know what that is about, but I’ll in quire should it persist.) Started running again shortly after. Made it another mile-ish and Andrea says, “I’m bored already! This is why I hate running outdoors.” Gah!!!!!! Grrrrr! @(%$)#)!@(*!*(~!!!!!! Annie, I love you, but our running relationship is basically over. Damn those Roy girls! I finished my run, and she stayed until her trail exit approached. I was so bummed because the run felt so good; I couldn’t believe we were basically done. The lake always feels so much bigger. Then it occurred to me: I’ve become a better runner! Whooop, whooop! I didn’t have a single, solitary thought the entire run about if I could make it to the end. Or if I was going to die. I got this ish on lockdown. I’m the Lil’ Wayne of running… you know, ON TOP OF THE GAME. (okay, too far. whatever.)

As I sit at my table, looking out the window at a sad little dog being walked by the vet tech, I am making a new goal. No, it has nothing to do with the dog. I need to up my mileage and/or the amount of time I run. 30 minutes isn’t enough anymore. I’m getting far too used to it. It’s a great thing, don’t get me wrong! I’ve become pretty darn consistent in the low to mid 9s. As I run farther, hopefully, I’ll slow it down. Perhaps I’m just that ballin’, but I highly doubt it.

Goal1: Sunday run from my house, around Greenlake and back.

Goal2: Find out how to stretch better. My right quad – the one I pulled a while ago – is really annoying me.

Happy holidays and such, Folks.


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