Orthopedic specialists are the WORST.

Longtime no blog, eh? Between trying to further my education and work and life and blurgh, I haven’t been keeping up.

Good news: I was doing really well with the running schedule. I made it to the Hal Higdon Novice’s Half-Marathon Training Plan. WhoopShoop!

Bad news: My ankle was getting worse and staying worse.

Good news: I went to an orthopedic specialist recommended by my sister, Andrea. She has not-so-great knees, which runs in the family (bad news). I’ve never had a problem with knees (good news).

Bad news: After Dr. Watt telling me the worst story of how running ruins bodies, he informed me that I have <insert special name I can’t pronounce> tendonitis in the tendon that wraps around my ankle.

Worse news: Not only do I have to STOP running, but I also have to stop biking or any other form of physical activity until my tendonitis goes away on its own.

Worse bad news: He said this could take up to 6-8weeks.

Worse worse bad news: Once it’s 100% better, then I can use an elliptical or walk up stairs. If it doesn’t hurt, then I can graduate to jogging and walking. Then, and only then, can I TRY to run again. “That sucks a lot,” I told Dr. Watt. He asked me if I had intentions of joining a gym. Um, No! Becca Roy doesn’t join gyms. Are you kidding me? It’s called outside, nature, Mother Earth’s natural gym. I don’t understand how people can sit in a sweaty body-filled building of recycled air. That window you’re staring out of? Yes, the one in front of your face as you run in place for 20 minutes? That is where I will be. Ta-ta!

So, imagine my complete and utter disappointment. I wanted cry. I don’t necessarily enjoy running when I’m actually doing it, but I enjoy the after part. I enjoy getting ready for it. I enjoy thinking good thoughts about how I can do it. I enjoy uploading my run’s profile to the Nike site and then the video popping up to say how great I’m doing! (I know, stupid – so what!) I can’t believe that I’m admitting this, but I miss running. The little I was doing, I miss it. There, I said it.


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