One month and a day later…

Oh, buckaroos! Been a minute or two since I’ve last posted, huh? Yes, sorry about that one. What can I say?

Well, I can say that I successfully “did work” on the Chilly Hilly. For those of you unaware of what said Chilly Hilly is, let me educate… (you could also follow this address:

  • Bainbridge Island
  • 33 miles
  • 2,700 ft elevation gain
  • Rain, shine, snow, ice, and/or rain

Basically, it is chilly and it is hilly. Get it?

Fred, Joe and I signed up to conquer. Joe and I were first-timers; Fred’s the man and thus a repeat offender. Joe pooped out with excuses such as a) I just got off the plane from Thailand, b) I’ve been really sick with a stomach flu due to Thailand, and c) there’s a lady in my bed. Pfsh. Whatevs, JoeJoe. Fred and I met up at 6:30ish AM to ride from mi casa to the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry. I’m happy to say my only spill was crossing the street in front of the ferry and getting my front tire caught in a grate, which caused me to abandon my bike with cat-like reflexes. There is zero reason to stay on something that’s going down – Man, I should stick to that motto with un-bike-related things (i.e., relationships). From there, we were the first 20 people in line for the earliest ferry across. Not the intent, just what happened. So, we froze our asses off waiting.

The race essentially begins on the ferry. It’s quite a sight: hundreds of bikers in full-on neon, reflective, spandex winter regalia trying to funnel off a ferry. It’s pretty exhilarating, especially being my first time. Where my girls at? The lack of female presence on that ride was quite the bummer. I see chick bikers all the time around Seattle! I guess the Chilly Hilly isn’t for everyone. Just know that if you are a female and know me, I’ll be recruiting you to ride 2012 and beyond. Elisha, I don’t care that you’re in South Africa. You will ride (eventually).

Overall, the ride was b-a-l-l-i-n’. I only dismounted once –sad face. We’d just finished a bummer of a hill (one of the many) and then hit another, which was just as steep but felt like much more of a climb. I decided to walk the remaining 20 feet. Hitting a wall within the first 10 miles of a 33 mile ride = not good for Becca. I stayed in the saddle for everything else, though! Whoop, whoop! Riding hills, I slapped on my yoga-face and found a steady pace and breath pattern. By the time I got to the top of each, I had tons of energy, wasn’t panting, and had a huge, proud smile on my face. Fred was trying to keep quiet his own ride-induced injury, so he’d bomb up and down hills on his own (stud!) and then wait for me. I kept telling him to take off and quit waiting for me, but he’d disagree and say that it was better for him to go at my pace. DORKUS MAXIMUS, if you ask me. I love Fred, so I won’t complain.

I was concerned a bit about how cold it would get seen as I have diagnosed issues concerning my terrible circulation in hands and feet. My gloves were pro and the shoe covers I bought did the trick. The only times I got cold was when I was standing still: waiting for ferries and the half-way break. The ride itself was NBD. It’s hard enough work that you end up sweating balls (scientific terms only, folks). When you get off your bike and hang around for any amount of time, your temp cools off and your sweat-drenched clothes start getting really cold. Uggg, worst ever! I was having such a great time just riding non-stop that we mostly kept going. A couple miles after our half-way break, Fred was a bit concerned that I’d burned enough calories that my snack wasn’t going to be enough to sustain. I sucked down a Hammer Gel and started on my Payday candy bar. It’s amazing what a little bit of that goo can do – magic. Too bad it’s so gag reflex-inducing. Gave Fredgers a good laugh.

Betsy, my fantastical Masi, was a pro. She lost a bar end plug due to the fateful, early-in-the-game fall. I guess this is a good excuse to get some super fresh ones. Or make some with rhinestones. Top row diamond, bottom row’s gold? Lil’ Weezy, anyone? Oh, the endless possibilities!

I’m a definite Yes for Chilly Hilly 2012. Hope you all are, too. It’s a gorgeous ride and a hell of a way to spend a Sunday AM. I’m not a believer of the jesus or devotee of the bible and its many stories; bike riding is the only religion I bother with. Let me tell you, it’s open to more followers. Let’s get crazy and praise the Steel Is Real gods.

Hallelujah hollerback!



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