Aren’t distractions grand?

Currently, I’m sitting at Caffe Fiore in Ballard. I came here to sit across from someone and get work done. We both have ‘stuff’ to do. He’s probably excelling at getting ‘stuff’ done. Me? Well, writing this post in not exactly getting the ‘stuff’ done that I’d intended. Of course… What would my life be without a bit of good ol’ fashioned procrastination? In my defense, I have a lot of personal, way-down-on-the-list to-do tasks that could classify as ‘stuff’. You’ve just witnessed my incredible, twisted logic. Becca’s back in the game!

I set a goal to start running last week. Guess what didn’t happen – starts with an ‘r’ and rhymes with ‘gunning’. Too hard for you to figure out? Fine, running would be the correct answer. I’ve had more people in the last 2 weeks tell me how stupid running is in comparison to biking. “Becca, why would you take the chance of being unable to bike again just for a couple miles of foot-on-pavement action?” I have no retort other than the usual, Because I’m a dumbass who paid 90 bones, which I refuse to think of as NBD. I blame my upbringing. So, I sit here with an e-receipt for a half marathon and the desire to accomplish said half marathon without having to sacrifice my bike goals. What’s a girl to do? Procrastinate, of course.

Alas, I will only procrastinate on putting my sexytime shoes and gear on until this Tuesday when, as my Moleskin notes, I will once again begin running. I will also be writing on Tuesday as well. Looks like all the things I’ve been putting off – as I’m doing right now- will be acted upon in some fashion.


Cheers to productivity! Cheers to the correct type of productivity! Cheers to life! Cheers to you! and double cheers (much like a double rainbow) to me!

Oh, joy of joys. Please be good to me, Running Gods.


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