6! 6! 6!

Awwwww shit, yeah. I’m not dead, which must have been what you were thinking since I haven’t blogged in forevs. I’ll be honest, I’ve just not made this a priority in the least; I barely thought about this webpage.

I had a huge life let-down, in a good way. That ‘aaaahhhhhhh, I can finally be at rest’ moment. Hearing back from UW (I got in! Did I mention that?) was such a relief and put a hardstop t0 the frantic pace I was operating at. I went to AZ for a week to be with my sister and new baby niece, Lillian. Both are doing pretty well. Lil is adorable, which is a relief since most babies are ugly aliens for quite a long while. I’ve still been volunteering, just on a much less frequent basis. I’ve dated exclusively, then stopped dating, then started going on dates again. Before you judge, I’m talking about different people, not one dysfunctional relationship. Those are overrated. Alas, I haven’t had much Me time. I took 2 weeks off from life and stayed home. I cooked. I cleaned. I watched movies. I slept. And I put running back on the priority list. Oh, and I got sick! You know what’s really annoying? Wearing a mask around a newborn infant due to one’s crippling illness. Sweet.

Chelsea and I have been doing such a tremendous job training! Sticking to a schedule was a little difficult until the day I decided to make my life fit around it instead of it fitting around my other schedule(s). Does that make any sense? We’ve been running together in the AM two days a week. For a while it was T/R, but now it’s T/W and then I have the option to run R AM depending on what I want to do R. The other runs are mostly solo runs, but we try to duet as much as possible. There’s something about two people with zero willpower that works really well. Don’t hate on a good thing, people. We picked up the schedule from 3-mile runs.

Today, Mother’s Day, I ran 6 miles. On my own, I might add. Let me tell you something: it was incredible. In-fucking-credible. I felt energized. I felt empowered. I felt like a runner. My breathing was steady and solid — probably attributable to the non-elevation gain of the E Lake Sammamish Trail. Who needs elevation gain anyways? Running show-offs, that’s who. You can bet your sweet, sweet ass that I absolutely teared up at end of my run. I get these moments at about the 4-mile mark where I get this energy (or what-have-you) pulse through my body. It comes in waves and is incredible. If I were celibate, this would be the closest thing to cheating: a run-gasm. I’ve learned that if I think about dying puppies or hungry babies or car accidents, I’m bound to burst into tears. Manageable tears. So I’m sure you can imagine that actually finishing my 6-mile goal induced some wetness from the ol’ tear ducts. STUPID, right? I know, I know. Definition of having a vagina: crying after a short-to-many 6-mile solo run. I don’t give a fuck. I did it. I was so proud of myself. I have been so unable to envision this very moment the entire time I’ve been training. If you can run one mile, then you can run three. If you can run three miles, then, as I proved today, you can certainly run six. Now that I can run six miles…

This headspace feels so good. My knees, on the other hand, do not.


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