A year has passed

The last time I posted was 363 days ago (minus the post from 10 minutes ago)

363 days is not long in one’s lifetime

363 days is long enough

long enough to become just the slightest bit more aware of the breadth and depth of things I am unaware of

and that quick, one goes from being naive to ignorant.


My struggles and successes in running seem quite trivial these days. They aren’t altogether unimportant. They just aren’t central to my life; a peripheral detail.

Reading over posts from my travels, I am much more aware of the visitor I was. At that, how I exoticized the places and people; gave them a culture I felt I didn’t have. There’s an inherent amount of shame attached to this. But I also feel grateful to see my telling of each experience in a different light.

As much as I would like to delete or edit the past to reflect where my mind is at currently, I know that in another 363 days I would want to edit the re-edit. In honor of the process and journey every person (including myself) goes through, I will leave everything as-is. I’ll work to offer myself grace at each step: past, present, and future. Perhaps you will too.



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