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Demo’s At What Cost

Demo’s At What Cost

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Washington Policy Watch

The private, for-profit University of Phoenix lobbies against community college bachelor’s degree programs – then seeks to funnel community college students into bachelor’s degree programs at…you guessed it, the University of Phoenix.

The University of Phoenix played a key role in defeating legislation that would have allowed community colleges in Arizona to offer low-priced bachelor’s degree programs, interviews and state records show.

The for-profit college, which is one of the state’s biggest employers, provided research and political muscle for a multi-year lobbying campaign against “community college baccalaureate degrees” – out of concern that those programs would undercut its business model.

For-profit schools and community colleges generally serve the same working, non-traditional student demographic, but tuition rates at community colleges are often much lower.

Historically, community colleges have offered two-year associate’s degrees, with students then transferring to other schools to earn a bachelor’s degree – also known as a baccalaureate degree…

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